I am a life long advocate of equality for women in all areas of life.

I am a life long advocate of equality for women in all areas of life.

I am a 50+ Lesbian woman with a partner Ellen and 4 children ranging from their 30's to 6 years old. I have a degree in Politics and Sociology from Manchester, and have studied Gender Inequality in everything from Linguistics to Politics and all things in between. I am for my sins an ex member of the local executive of the Liberal Democrats, and was instrumental in getting the first ever LibDem Councillor elected to Doncaster council, producing all election literature. Oh my this is coming over awfully like a CV, I do apologise. I am very passionate about gender equality (as indeed I am about equality for all), I have dedicated much of my life to it, with little success often, though I have managed some firsts at university in particular. My most recent success at uni was in my final year (2006) when I became the chair of student council. In a university of over 30,000 students I was shockingly the first. I look forward to watching our fledgling party grow and develop, though when I say watch I hope to become much more proactive than that.

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