Because the moment a woman has a voice, she is still vilified

Because the moment a woman has a voice, she is still vilified

I never considered myself a feminist, mainly because I believed in the hype that you read about so called "feminazis" (I hate that word). It was around the time that Caroline Criado-Perez campaigned to have a woman on a bank note that I started to talk note, and realised that I was in fact a feminist too. I also noted with horror the sheer torrent of abuse that she received because of it. Rape and death threats for wanting a woman on a bank note? More recently we have Charlotte Proudman. Whilst personally I would not have shared the man's details, she was perfectly in her right to do so. In response she has been dragged through the press, had her family estate publicized, every Facebook conversation scrutinized since the beginning of time and has received death threats. For calling out a man on being sexist? I believe in feminism because I want equality. Because I want women to have a voice and not to be afraid to say what they think for fair of threats of rape and death. Until this is achieved, we will never be equal. S

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