Imbalance of power between genders results in Hell on Earth

Imbalance of power between genders results in Hell on Earth

e.g ISIS/ISAL and all the other jolly places run entirely by men without the equal and proper input of women. Practically everything in nature requires the balance of the two but it may interest those to know that ALL herd mammals refer to a main female to lead them - making all the major decisions - and it works! It hasn't benefited any humans to have the male solely in charge in whatever social capacity so women need to get up there, stop being brainwashed (like my Mother and her generation) and bring their great attributes and different mind set to the table. My Mother used to say, to my intense irritation, that women were the power behind the throne and that should be enough for them. At 13 surrounded by the inadequate men of my dysfunctional family and a Stepfather with a violent personality disorder I asked ' What throne would that be? Why does there have to be one anyway and if he's (my Stepfather) parked his arse in it then wouldn't you say we are all bound to Hell in a handcart?" .

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