To be inclusive of women across the whole of our life cycles, including time spent mothering

To be inclusive of women across the whole of our life cycles, including time spent mothering

It's now vital that invisible work - particularly care work - isn't ignored in our democratic system as it's part of the human condition. Also, it's unbelievable in this day and age that women and men tend to not have a VOICE when caregiving. And that we are not valued for this work/role (or whatever we want to call the time devoted to it) and rewarded fairly, rather than penalised in allowances, welfare and household tax. The focus is too much on how to move people on from care, into different roles in an increasingly consumerist society, where GDP depends on selling services, outsourcing even the care of people we love, young and old. WE must rise above this and challenge the notion that human beings are capital. In a truly progressive, intelligent world we should be valuing care itself for the enormous contribution it makes, socially, economically, educationally, to communities, to family lives, to our children, to our relationships with one another. From birth until the end stages of our lives, when more and more people rely on being cared for - hopefully with respect and empathy, with time and love. For too long we've not properly recognised that caregiving is key to human survival, happiness, prosperity (etc) and just as important as other aspects of life we fight for. It follows that mothering is worth fighting to protect. Frankly the alternative is unthinkable and will impact on everyone's lives as the economy sucks up people's time into more 'measurable' activities that count on someone's balance sheet, but which has little to do with building more secure lives for greater numbers of people.

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