Devolution Deal

Devolution Deal

For too long women have been underrepresented in positions of power and sidelined in decision making. Devolution is a chance to change that. This devolution deal is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring decision-making closer to our communities. But of the six local authorities across Liverpool City Region there are no female Council Leaders, and women councillors make up less than 30% of cabinet positions across all six leadership teams.

We know that greater diversity makes for better business, and that the North West can’t afford to miss out on the ideas and energy of half its population. That’s why WE won’t stand by and watch an all-male slate of candidates let women’s voices go unheard in this election.

WE demand a devolution deal that doesn’t sideline women’s voices, but is shaped by them.

WE are standing the first woman in the race for Mayor of Liverpool City Region to change the debate, and put women’s equality at the top of the agenda.

WE will fight for representation that reflects our communities at all levels of government. WE will not allow policies to be formed without the participation of women, including BAME women and disabled women.