Because women's equality doesn't happen just because we all believe in it

Because women's equality doesn't happen just because we all believe in it

I have been fighting for women's equality personally and professionally since I can remember: from asking why priests had to be men in Sunday School age 3, to asking my work to address the fact that nobody in the senior management team was a woman last week. I fight for other things I believe in too: disability rights, self determination, social justice, children's rights, carers rights; against poverty, injustice and ugly stationery (cupcakes, WHY WHY WHY??? ;) If mainstream political parties took women's equality seriously, there would be no need for #WeAreWE. But even though there are some really good people fighting for women's equality in all the political parties, at the moment it isn't a huge priority for any of them It's the WEP's ONLY priority. I am proud to be a founder member and hope you will join too: gender inequality hurts women AND men and stops us being the society we want and need. We need you, and all your friends and family to join us and help us get there.

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