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WE mark Theresa May's 100th day

21 October 2016

Theresa May has failed to act on gender equality – but WE won’t

Ched Evans’ flawed retrial raises grave concerns about justice for victims of sexual violence

14th October 2016

WE express our concern for survivors' justice, following the flawed retrial of footballer Ched Evans.

New rape statistics show we need a new approach NOW

WE put forward plans for a new, joined-up approach to tackling rape and sexual abuse following the release of new figures.

Misogyny is a hate crime

8 October 2016

At the start of National Hate Crime Awareness Week, WE renew our call to make misogyny a hate crime. Here, Cerian Jenkins who this month launched her #NotACompliment campaign, explains why it is so important to make change

WE condemn universities for failing to act on endemic sexual violence

7 October 2016

Women's Equality Party demand leadership to tackle endemic sexual violence


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