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Sophie Walker on playground sexism

Sophie Walker defends recent gender guidelines in schools, in discussion with Channel 4's Cathy Newman and Rachel Johnson.

Watch the interview here

WE calls for proper funding of legal aid and refuges

WE leader Sophie Walker set out the plans to expand refuges, supported housing and legal aid for victims of domestic and sexual abuse in the Independent on Sunday. WE are going to press the Government to scrap the married couple’s allowance and put £800m of savings into helping victims of domestic and sexual abuse. 

Read the full article here

Buzzfeed outlines WE's stance on parental leave

Buzzfeed reports on new plans from the Women's Equality Party to deliver shared parenting for all.

Sandi Toksvig: "Left unchallenged, discrimination will continue"

Everyday sexism makes life for women unbearable, writes Sandi Toksvig. And now it is harder than ever to make an official complaint.

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Sophie Walker defends the need for quotas

"Addressing traditional criticism that quotas could be unfair on male candidates and unmeritocratic, Walker says: “Which quotas are you referring to? Are you referring to the quotas we are suggesting here, or are you referring the centuries-old, unlegislated quotas that have meant men have had an unfair institutional advantage for centuries? To me, those are quotas – it’s just they are not written down in law. That makes them much more invidious.”

Read the full article here


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