WE condemn universities for failing to act on endemic sexual violence

WE condemn universities for failing to act on endemic sexual violence

7 October 2016

Women's Equality Party demand leadership to tackle endemic sexual violence

Today we have heard further evidence of the devastating impact of endemic sexual violence in UK universities. As the Guardian sheds light on accounts of sexual harassment and gender violence - including verbal bullying, serial harassment, assault, sexual assault and rape - by university staff, the Women’s Equality Party condemns the failure of university leaders to act.

Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women’s Equality Party said: “Universities are categorically failing their duty of care towards students, and this cannot continue.

As long as sexual harassment and violence continue to go unchallenged we will not see women making their full contribution to intellectual life of this country, and we will not see justice.

We need to see real leadership to end this epidemic. This means more transparent processes for students and staff to seek remedy and effective measures to protect those women, and men, affected. Academic excellence is no justification for sexual harassment or professional misconduct and universities have a duty to see this is true in practice.”

The Women’s Equality Party is also calling for comprehensive training for all staff and academics, regardless of their position, and dedicated funding to support this work.



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