Valuing care

Valuing care

Our economy and social infrastructure is built on the people who care for others. Still, their work, paid and unpaid, is not valued and their vital role has been ignored when the government has devolved powers without resources.

Local commissioning of social care leaves care workers, the majority of whom are women, exposed through zero hours contracts. Reduced funding for children’s centres has made childcare less affordable and less available, driving women out of financial independence and into poverty. It is time to break the cycle.

WE are working towards a caring economy that values the work of those who care for others.

WE believe integrated health care and social care is the ‘big issue’ for anyone serious about improving the lives of people across the region, and of no less importance than our roads and digital infrastructure.

WE will put childcare on the devolution agenda to ensure all our communities have access to affordable, quality childcare, creating jobs and boosting our economy.  

WE will fight for ring-fenced funding for the specialist services currently provided by the Women’s Hospital.