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Invest in equality

Invest in equality

3. Invest in the future of women's equality in the UK 


If you are able to donate to the Women's Equality Party, whether £10 or £1000, you are signalling a strong confidence in WE. Our ability to deliver extraordinary results as the new and growing political force in the UK relies on your contribution. We have built our party from the ground up over the last two years thanks to the generosity of our supporters, and we are counting on you to continue this support so that we can grow and expand.

Your money enables us to do vital work; this election it meant WE were the only party to pay the cost for candidates' childcare so that inspirational women could afford to stand for Parliament and have their voice heard. Your donations paid for hundreds of thousands of leaflets, many of which landed on door mats around the UK of voters who had never before heard of WE or been given the option to vote for a feminist party. Your generosity paid for our party to run a digital campaign which reached over two million social media users in the space of 48 hours. 

WE mean it when we say every pound donated makes a difference.



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