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My name is Nimco Ali. I want to be the Women’s Equality Party’s first ever MP, and I will fight for every vote.

My political journey began when my family fled civil war in Somalia. Later I was subjected to FGM, and went on to set up my anti-FGM organisation Daughters of Eve, at which point I was threatened with death by those who wanted to silence me.

But here I am. I am young, black, Muslim and a woman. I want to win in Hornsey and Wood Green on 8 June so that the voices of people like me are finally represented.

Help WE make history on 8 June. We can't afford not to. The stakes are too high. The need is too great. Our work is too important.

✔ £100 pays for 10 hours of childcare for a WE party candidate

✔ £250 pays for 10,000 WE campaign leaflets

✔ £500 pays for our canvassing printing, clipboards and pens for two weeks

✔ £1,000 pays for a week’s social media campaign

✔ £3,000 pays for a week of radio advertising

✔ £5,000 pays for a press ad

✔ £10,000 pays for a billboard site 

Want to help canvass? Get involved with Nimco Ali's campaign >>

GOAL HIT: £30,000.00


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