Helen. An engineer and a Scientist. - Helen Martinicca's suggestion

Helen. An engineer and a Scientist.

Helen. An engineer and a Scientist.

I'm 33. I have a husband and own a house. I have a BSc and a MSc and 10 years experience in the Water Industry. I've worked as an Engineer and as a Scientist. I've always been the bread winner but now I am disabled. It feels like I'm clinging to my job by my fingertips. Why? Because even though its 2015 I'm the only woman amongst 14 men. I took a roundabout route to get here as I was always told well done, you are good at Singing, Dancing and English Lit. No one ever said well done your are good at Maths and Science. I didn't see the constant double standards as I do now. I would like to campaign and do more to encourage young women in Engineering but I work, eat and sleep because that is all my energy allows for. I'm up now finishing a presentation for tomorrow because, when you get down to it I need to out perform the men. To make a point and I shouldn't feel like that. Its from years of hitting attitudes head on. My current team are wonderful but the attitudes are still out there. Feminism is about equality for everyone. We all deserve it. We as a society can do better.

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