Because I'm a born feminist - Liz Bolt's suggestion

Because I'm a born feminist

Because I'm a born feminist

I have 5 brothers. I've spent my life fighting sexism: "So he can do that but I'm not allowed?" No. "Because he's got a penis?" Well, no, not because of that... "But he can do it & he has a willy, I can't do it because I've got a vagina?" Well... "But a willy's more likely to get in the way when you're climbing trees, my vagina's all tucked away so it won't -" You just can't, alright? I wanted to work with Shire Horses. "You can't, you're too short" I'm 5'0". I said: "Don't you tell me I'm too short, 9 year old boys worked these horses in Victorian times!" "You're not strong enough." Really? And you could stop a Shire if it got a gallop up? No, you couldn't. "We haven't got a vacancy." I'll do a training course. "There isn't one." So I made one. NVQ Level 2 in Heavy Horse Management & Driving. Passed with honours, got punched by the boss when I objected to him sticking his penis into my back & then I was sacked. But I did it! When men said I couldn't, I damned well did & I've more balls than any of them!

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