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91 Percent 

Over the next month WE will be protesting for a total of 91 hours to protest the fact that Disabled women were as much as #91Percent more likely to die of COVID. [source]

One of the Government’s first acts when the COVID crisis hit was to roll back councils’ duties to support Disabled and older people. Then the plan to support those shielding was created as an afterthought, in under 48 hours; blanket Do Not Attempt Resuscitation orders were issued to people in care homes without consultation; and many of us were initially left off the vaccine priority list despite being at far higher risks of death.

Now, it has been revealed that even after adjusting for socio-economic background, poor health and housing, Disabled women with higher support needs are still 91% more likely to die from COVID-19

Why protest?

We cannot let this injustice be ignored. We must raise awareness and hold politicians to account. Over the next month we will be protesting outside Parliament for a total of ninety one hours to show politicians that we cannot be ignored.

Show your support by joining our protest.

How can I take part?

1. Sign up to cover a protest shift in your own time

>>>> Cover a protest shift <<<<

2. Save the date for our online protest at 5pm on July 20th

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3. Organise a protest in your area

>>> Organise a local protest <<<

Why is it important to protest:

We must create pressure for urgent political action to make change. To do this we need to keep this issue in the media and online and we need to demonstrate that the political decision to ignore - participating will help to do both.

By showing overwhelming support for urgent action by protesting locally and making noise on social media and in our communities, this heightens the likelihood of this issue being raised in parliament. To make change, we must make noise. 


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