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It's April Fool's Day... and it's no laughing matter

Published 1 April 2017


Whilst the world is busy making up silly fake stories today, WE want to draw attention to some real facts that are anything but a joke.

Our stats about gender inequality are so shocking that they sound unbelievable. 

  • 8 million UK women will be victims of domestic abuse in their lifetime #NotAnAprilFools

  • There are twice as many men named John who are CEO’s than there are women CEO’s #NotAnAprilFools

  • 33% of 5 year old girls want to be thinner #NotAnAprilFools

  • For every £1 men earn, women earn 81p #NotAnAprilFools

  • 24 million UK women have faced sexism at work #NotAnAprilFools

  • Last year, 5,700 new cases of genital mutilation were reported in the UK #NotAnAprilFools

But they're all true.

Will you get involved and help us shout about it? >> 

We’d like you to tweet one of the many unbelievable truths about gender inequality in the UK, using the hashtag #NotAnAprilFools. 

You can use one of ours or, if you have a different fact that really means something to you, please tweet that.

Help us make a serious point this April 1st by joining in our #NotAnAprilFools.

And if you think it's a joke that men still outnumber women at all levels of politics, please donate to our crowdfunder to get women in the race.

Yes, I'll support WE's election campaigns >>


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