A fair future for all

A fair future for all

A fair future for all

WE are building a new UK, in this new political landscape, with equality front and centre.

The task ahead of us is huge: to build a new economy, to negotiate trade, to rethink large parts of our legislation, and decide what kind of immigration system we want moving forward. 

We must listen to the people who wanted to leave the European Union and understand the opportunities they now seek. We must listen to the people who wanted to stay and understand the values they sought to defend. 

We must, with everything we have, work to understand what others have not.

And we must take the power that we have to build the country we want to live in.

We are more determined than ever to do politics differently.

WE are ready to build a future that is fair for all.

We will be consulting with our membership across the UK as part of a national conversation on how our policies should be shaped. 

Party leader Sophie Walker is touring the country to ask members and branches about the changes they want to see.

If you're a member, get in touch with your local branch to find out how you can get involved. 

And if you're not a member yet, join the party and have a hand in shaping your own future. 

Plan with us for a fair future

We are the party with clear plans to take the UK beyond Brexit. We will make our country better for everyone.

WE are WEP

We are the Women's Equality Party and we are not changing our name.

Manchester rally

Our post-referendum rally in Manchester united people from both sides of the EU campaign. Watch Sophie Walker's hard-hitting speech here.


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