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Write to your MP and let them know the time to decriminalise abortion is now. 

Abortion is healthcare, not a crime…

A woman’s right to choose is under constant threat around the globe, and we are seeing it play out here in the UK with heartbreaking consequences. Police investigations into women after miscarriages, abortions and stillbirths are increasing, and last year a woman in England was convicted and imprisoned.

Nobody benefits from criminalising women who seek to end their own pregnancies. 

MPs have an opportunity to ensure no one can ever be criminalised for having an abortion again.

Today you can make change happen by writing to your MP to ask that they VOTE for Dame Diana Johnson MP’s amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill that will put a stop to the imprisonment of women for ending their own pregnancies once and for all. 

If this amendment passes it will be the culmination of decades of campaigning for women’s right to choose.

How to take action:

  1. Find the email template that applies to you below
  2. Not sure who your MP is or their contact details? Find them here >> 
  3. Copy and paste the template into your email. Feel free to edit the email if you have something you would like to add or share with your MP.
  4. Make sure to add your address so they know you’re a constituent.
  5. Hit send and make history! 

By adding your voice to the choir of constituents fighting for our right to choose, you can still be part of the swell of public support for this amendment.


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