Alisa Lockwood

Alisa Lockwood

Alisa Lockwood

When I first arrived in the UK in 2004, full of excitement and hope, I could hardly have imagined that twelve years later, I would be experiencing the same feelings all over again about putting myself forward as a candidate for Mayor of London.

The city has changed so much in the past decade, and it has changed me too. As a school governor, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges our hard-working teachers face in London’s inner-city primary schools. Serving on the board of the Tenants’ Association of my local council estate, I have seen the battles fought for decent housing. Running for a council seat, I have had the privilege to learn from local residents about the issues that matter to them. And working my way up to a senior management role, I have gained insight into the world of business and finance that makes London tick.

But the biggest change in my life in these twelve years has been the arrival of my two daughters. It is for them, and all the young people growing up in London, that I want to stand up and help make our world-leading city into a world leader in equality. My longstanding commitment to supporting the rights of women and youth is born of a firm belief that an equal, inclusive society is essential to political, social and economic progress – and ultimately benefits everyone.

Together, WE can make it happen!


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