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Ask Her To Stand - GLA 2020 Elections

Ask Her To Stand - GLA 2020 Elections

Give a great woman a vote of confidence

We all have women in our lives who we know would do a great job in politics.  Think of your inspirational, talented friend or relative - chances are she would be much less likely to consider herself a potential candidate for elected office than a man with the same (or less!) skills and experience. 

Many of the women who have stood for us have told us they hadn’t considered standing until a friend asked them to - who do you know who might welcome a vote of confidence from you?

Nominate someone to stand

When we ask our sisters, friends, aunts and daughters to stand, we can make all the difference to our representation in the GLA. If there's someone you think we should know, simply fill out your details below and the name of your nominee.

Don’t worry, we won’t get in touch with her straight away, we will get back to you first with some information to send on to her. If she’s interested, she can come back to us to find out more.


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