Because a Pakistani, Muslim woman has her own voice! - Bakhtawar Ali's suggestion

Because a Pakistani, Muslim woman has her own voice!

Because a Pakistani, Muslim woman has her own voice!

Muslim women are often seen as being oppressed to the point that women around the world see us as having no voice of our own. Add "Pakistani" to the mix and you get a picture of desperate women crying out for Western saviors to come and free us from our patriarchal society. However, we are not all docile creatures under the thumb of the men in our lives - we can and do speak up for ourselves, but our voices are often lost behind those of white feminists. Women equality is both a global and a personal issue - we are all trying our best, as individuals, to do whatever we can for the women throughout the world. This means that a Pakistani Muslim woman's voice is just as important as any other woman on the planet. It is no doubt that Pakistani and Muslim women often suffer from the worst kinds of misogyny, but we are just as capable, if not more, for standing up for these women as a white woman. Movements like WPE affect women on a global scale and so, as a Pakistani woman, I support it with all my heart .

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