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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Caucus

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Caucus

The BAME Caucus was set up at the 2018 Women’s Equality Party conference. Its purpose is to bring
together BAME women in the party to discuss the issues BAME women face in the fight for gender and
racial equality and ensure BAME voices are heard within the party. 

For too long, the fight for equality has been either/or, but the intersection between gender and race is real
and damaging, and as a party that stands on and fights for equality for all, considering this intersection in
every conversation is vital. The BAME Caucus exists to ensure this happens, and aims to become a
constant voice in every policy consideration, so that eventually, race and women's equality becomes the
norm, not the exception. 

Audre Lorde wrote "I am not free while any woman is unfree even when her shackles are very different
from my own". It is with this sentiment that we share our experiences as BAME women and have created
a space which allows a specific focus on the issues that BAME women face in the fight for gender and racial
equality and to ensure BAME voices are heard within the party. 

What is a caucus? 
A caucus is a political term that is used for a faction or group within a political party that has a particular
focus. Our caucus is an inclusive space that aims to unite BAME party members and supporters across the
UK in the fight for race and gender equality. It is a network that aims to support BAME women in their
similar and diverse experiences.  BAME women are a group that are often forgotten and marginalised, and
their challenges and perspectives ignored. This caucus aims to rectify that and amplify the voices of BAME
women so that their experiences are heard and taken on board and shared. 

Why choose the phrase BAME? 
Although the term BAME is widely used to describe those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
backgrounds, WE as a Caucus understand the term BAME has its problems and many in these
communities have chosen to identify with other terms such as People / Women of Colour (POC / WOC)
and non-visible minorities. As a political party founded on inclusivity and acceptance, we wanted to use a
phrase that is recognisable and inclusive to all those from ethnic minority backgrounds. We are conscious
of the differing privilege levels within the phrase, but value the differences in experiences that all those from
ethnic minority backgrounds have and bring to our Caucus. It is through our differences that we are able to
learn and grow, and through sharing these that we are able to do this together as a force for gender and
racial equality. And it is for that reason that we decided on the term BAME, but we want to extend an
invitation to any WE members who identify as part of an ethnic minority group to join the Caucus. 
We have already made much progress: established a BAME Caucus network for BAME WEP members
and elected a committee to help us work towards the below aims: 
WE aim to
  • Build BAME connections within the party
  • Build relationships with BAME organisations and groups
  • Enable the party to better reflect and represent the needs and perspectives of its BAME membership and
    BAME women
  • Provide a platform within the party to ensure the BAME lens on all Women’s Equality Party policies,
    campaign messages and press releases
  • Increase BAME membership and representation
Do you share the aims of the BAME Caucus?   
If so, get involved in one of two ways.

Become a BAME Caucus member where you will join a network of BAME women and can also volunteer
to join the BAME Caucus committee. Membership is open to any Women’s Equality Party member that
identifies as BAME.
Become a BAME Caucus ally - Allies are Women’s Equality Party members or supporters who do not
identify as BAME but are keen to actively support the BAME Caucus to achieve its aims.

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