WE For HWB - Issue 5 - Women's Equality

WE For HWB - Issue 5

WE For HWB - Issue 5

1st December 2022

Hello Hatch Warren & Beggarwood!

If this is your first WE For HWB, you can read archived issues here.

We missed an issue for tech reasons last month so... <deep breath> here's a whistlestop tour on the many many things we've been up to...

News in brief

  • We had huge news at the last full Council meeting when our proposal to change Licensing Policy to ensure licensees must mitigate against sexual harrassment in their venues was passed! We're delighted to have seen this change go through and thank the Council and Licensing Committee for taking our proposal on board; we really hope this will make the night-time economy a safer place.
  • More excellent news in violence prevention followed when the Council announced it had been successful in gaining White Ribbon accreditation, which is the culmination of a campaign started by WE back in 2021! We're looking forward to seeing the White Ribbon action plan and watching its implementation.
  • We held a great meeting with a representative from Make Votes Matter. A roomful of people from all different political parties heard and discussed the issues around proportional representation and the need to reform our voting system.
  • I held a fun session at 2nd Hatch Warren Guides for Parliament Week - we talked about the importance of voting and how democracy works, then debated some mock manifestos and had a mock election. It was wonderful helping future voters and leaders learn more about why civic engagement is so vital!
  • I continue to attend the Beggarwood Surgery Patient Participation Group meetings; if you have concerns you'd like me to raise there, please do get in touch.
  • To mark November's campaigns on violence against women and girls, we arranged training by Paragon for a group of male allies to become Dragonfly Project domestic violence champions. The purpose is to give delegates the tools to understand and recognise domestic violence, dispel myths around it, and when relevant direct victims to the appropriate services. As of last night's session, Basingstoke has nine new domestic violence champions, and we hope to arrange regular sessions going forward! If you are interested, please email back and we'll get in touch - let's make Basingstoke less welcome to violence perpetrators.
  • Our team has been out canvassing over recent weeks and will be out again this weekend and next weekend, so keep an eye out for us - do stop and have a chat if you have questions or local issues to tell us about. You should also soon see my new leaflet through your doors; I hope it makes interesting reading!
You can always see more news and these updates in our YouTube feed if you feel that's more accessible or fun; find those at bit.ly/wepbasingstoke. And as always, get in touch if we can be help or you want to ask anything. Best wishes,
Stacy Hart
WE Basingstoke Branch Leader

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