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Better careers advice and work experience

Better careers advice and work experience

The UK has come a long way since the days when women were banned from a host of professions. Women can now be doctors, train drivers and bishops and will soon be fighting on the front line in our armed forces.

But there is still a huge gender divide in working life – and it starts in our schools. Girls are often put off computing, science and maths while boys are put off learning to cook, care or be creative. It’s time to challenge these gender assumptions and make sure all children know they can be whatever they want to be.

Work experience is no longer compulsory in England: let’s bring it back so young people can try out different career choices. 

And let’s guarantee every child some face-to-face, independent careers advice, provided by an expert who can encourage them to challenge gender stereotypes and choose the path that works for them.

Back our campaign to bring back work experience and guarantee careers advice.

I agree: Every student should do work experience

I agree: Every student should get expert careers advice


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