Meet our GLA Super Constituency Candidates 2020 - Women's Equality

Meet our GLA Super Constituency Candidates 2020

Meet our GLA Super Constituency Candidates 2020

Meet our candidates

We have three amazing women who are competing for your vote to represent The Women's Equality Party as our Super Constituency Candidate for Barnet & Camden in the Greater London Assembly Elections in May 2020.

Each one of these women would make a fantastic representative for the Party. Our Hustings event in Camden Town on Thursday 22 August from 19.00 is your chance to meet them and if you are a member of WEP, to cast your vote.  

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Supporters are welcome to attend but in order to vote, please join WEP here


Tara Mansfield



I have been a passionate advocate for women’s rights for several years. As an undergraduate I was part of the founding cohort for the first ever feminist society in my university college, and have been campaigning through marches and meetings for women’s rights since then, with various groups. This year I decided I needed to step up my commitment to these principles, and joined the WEP to take an active part in campaigning for a radical change in national politics.  As a mixed-race woman I have experienced marginalization and exclusion throughout my life on account of my ethnicity as well as my gender, and I am profoundly committed to intersectional feminisms, and to the idea that diversity in representation is essential for our democracy.


I read History at Oxford University, and then trained as a classical singer at the Royal Academy of Music. I volunteer for the National Domestic Violence Helpline, and have worked as a tutor and mentor for teenagers in London. As a result of this work, I will be engaged as a History teacher with Teach First this year: I believe that equality in education is incredibly important in redressing the imbalance in socio-economic privileges, for all children, and especially for marginalized girls.


I have lived in Camden for 3 years, and I love the area, its diversity and its community spirit. I would be honoured to stand as the WEP candidate for the Barnet & Camden Super Constituency.


Teresa Poland



My name’s Teresa Poland; I’m 52 years old, a teacher by profession, a sometime home educator, a volunteer youth worker, mother of two and, always, a feminist. I am putting my name forward as a potential candidate for the GLA Elections because, like all of us in the party, I recognise that now, more than ever, is the time to make our voice as a party heard.  It is time to build on the great work the party has done so far and push our agenda further into the mainstream.  Women’s issues are not a fringe concern, something that can be dealt when everything else is done. I believe campaigning in the GLA Elections is an important opportunity to let people know what our aims are and that our party is for everyone.

I have spent a lot of my life working with young people and when I hear their passion and commitment to changing society (attending conference being a particularly inspiring example) I am heartened and optimistic for the future but also acutely aware that we still have along way to go, especially in the current climate.  I also recognise that we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help ensure that that future becomes a reality.

I really do think that the WEP is the only real alternative to the hegemony of the white, male awfulness we currently find ourselves in and that is why I am standing.

I have been a Barnet Resident most of my life and have worked in many areas within the borough. This has given me a good understanding of this area, the people that live here and the issues that face our residents, this has been highlighted recently by volunteering with our local food bank.

I am a friendly, communicative person, skills that I think are important in a task like this.  I’m focused and very enthusiastic about getting out there and letting people know about our great party.

I look forward to meeting everyone on 22 August.

Salina Zafar


My name is Salina Zafar and I am a resident in Barnet, London. I have an undergraduate degree in BSc Real Estate and work in Commercial Property Management. I am also a qualified chartered surveyor.

My purpose is to build and work on existing policies which allows equality in all platforms including on a professional and domestic level. Having worked in a male dominated industry, I have experienced lack of female representation and I aim to reduce this through raising further awareness of the importance of diversity for a more coherent society.


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