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#VoteWE in our first local election

#VoteWE in our first local election

Vote Rebecca Manson Jones in the Brockley by-election.


Politics is stalling. WE are the start up.

If you can’t face another trip to the polling station to vote for the same old politics, consider this: it’s the first time that you’ll be able to choose a councillor that puts equality first every time.

Women make up the majority of residents in Lewisham and we need a council that represents their needs every single day.

Rebecca Manson Jones is the Women's Equality Party candidate for the Brockley by-election on Rebecca_WE_Mayoral-8748_-_Copy.JPG13th October, 2016. Rebecca has rich experience of community activism in Lewisham and is a champion of the arts who has promoted diversity and inclusion for many years. 

Rebecca said, "I will fight for equal parenting, equal pay and flexible working in Brockley. I want housing to be affordable for the single parents, the part-time workers and the full-time carers who give so much to our community. And I want to put an end to the soaring rates of domestic violence in our borough."

"I can achieve all of this because I care more about good ideas than party politics. The Women’s Equality Party is about working collaboratively with the other parties to bring about change. Because equality is better for everyone."

Don’t miss this opportunity to give women a stronger voice in Brockley.

Vote Rebecca Manson Jones.

On Thursday 13th October, vote for equality.


Rebecca's pledge:

As your local councillor, I will:

  • Make Brockley safe: Lewisham has some of the highest rates of domestic violence in London. Let’s save lives and build a stronger community by making prevention, justice and support a top priority.

  • Make work work: women are more likely to be in low paid and part-time jobs in Lewisham and cuts are hitting women hardest. Let’s make work flexible and pay equal, and protect the services we rely on.

  • Build affordable housing for all: house prices and rent are rising fast in Brockley and the gender pay gap means women are being pushed out. Let’s take a fairer approach to housing as well as give refuge to Brockley’s most vulnerable.

  • Support carers: the sky-high costs of childcare and cuts to vital services mean women are dropping out of the workplace and men are dropping out of their families. Let’s value Brockley’s carers and help everyone balance family and work.

  • Improve education: gender stereotypes are holding our children back. Boys face pressure to skip homework and read less, and girls are pushed into subjects that limit their career options. Let’s inspire all young people to achieve their full potential.

  • Transform transport: overcrowding on our buses and trains makes commuting difficult for wheelchair users and families. I will press on the London Mayor to make transport accessible so that we can cut down on car journeys and improve air quality.


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