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Care workers have risked their lives to work during the Covid-19 crisis. Demand your MP takes action to vote down legislation which could leave them facing deportation.

Demand that your MP takes action. 

   1. Follow this link to find their contact information - you need their email address and twitter handle.

   2. Tweet your MP asking them to take action - follow this link for a suggested Tweetyou will need to add your MP's handle.

   3. Use the template copy below to email your MP.


Dear [your MP’s name] MP,

I am writing to ask you not to turn your back on care workers. 

If the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated anything, it is that care matters. Our economy, our whole society would not function without it. Care workers are at the coalface of this pandemic, putting their own health at risk to provide care for those who need it. Despite this, the immigration bill currently passing through parliament classes them as ‘low-skilled workers’ and sets an income cap that would make it impossible for migrant care workers to get leave to remain in this country.

We went into the Covid-19 crisis with 120,000 vacancies in the care sector. The unfolding tragedy in our care homes is laying bare the real cost of decades of undervaluing and underfunding care. I am asking for you to please, learn from this crisis and only support an immigration bill that will guarantee we can recruit the skilled care workforce we need. 

Will you guarantee that you will only support an immigration bill in the event that:

  • The migrant salary cap does not exclude care workers
  • Care is recognised as skilled work
  • Care workers will still be able to migrate to the UK

Care workers fought for us, will you fight for them? 

Yours sincerely,

[Your name and address]


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