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Thirty two percent of Covid deaths are now in care settings and carers are twice as likely to die of Covid as the general population. 

Demand that your MP takes action. 

   1. Follow this link to find their contact information - you need their email address and twitter handle

   2. Tweet your MP asking them to take action - follow this link for a suggested Tweet you will need to add your MP's handle

   3. Use the template copy below to email your MP

Dear [Your MP’s name] MP,

I am writing to ask you to act urgently to support care workers and the people who rely on their care. 

If the Covid crisis has demonstrated anything, it is that care matters. Our economy, our whole society would not function without it. Care workers are at the coalface of this pandemic, putting their own health at risk to provide care for those who need it.  Despite this, half of all care workers are getting paid less than a real living wage and a quarter are on zero hours contracts, often without employment protections including sick pay.

When the government declared that the NHS would have “whatever it takes” to handle the pandemic, it overlooked the interdependence of the NHS and social care - which was provided only a fraction of the funding. This left care homes to either accommodate patients who were still infectious or lose income, putting residents and workers at risk. 

Will you commit to supporting the following steps to help to address the crisis in care:

  • Guarantee a real living wage and full sick pay for all care workers
  • Increase care funding to pre-2010 levels in real terms, adjusted to meet population changes
  • Immediately reinstate councils’ duties under the care act - requiring all councils to supply at least a basic level of care to everyone who needs it 

In the last few months we have seen schools closed, railways nationalised, ‘low skilled’ workers rightfully renamed key workers and so much more. If we have the political will to make these once in a generation changes, we should have the political will to properly pay and support care workers who are on the front line of this crisis to deliver quality care to everyone who needs it. 

Yours sincerely

[Your name and address]

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