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Criteria, Resources & Benefits

Criteria, Resources & Benefits

Criteria for recognition

  • Caucuses must represent one of the protected characteristics listed on the main caucus page, and will be required to work at the intersection of discrimination against women and the protected characteristic(s) the caucus represents.
  • Caucuses must be formed of at least 35 people (reviewed annually) who are both members of the caucus and members of the Women’s Equality Party. This may include allies.
  • Caucuses must elect a leader, a data manager and a Steering Committee representative - all of whom must be party members. Only party members within the caucuses are eligible to vote in these elections (registered supporters will not be eligible to vote).
  • Elected caucus representatives must agree to undertake an induction process with the Central Party and Steering Committee in order to establish good working practices. This will include, but is not limited to:
    • Reading and agreeing to various governance procedures, including the party constitution and code of conduct
    • Forming lines of communication between central party and recognised caucuses
    • Training on various party systems, including the party database
    • Reading and following brand guidelines.

Resources and benefits

  • A seat on the Steering Committee, including a vote on Steering Committee decisions.
  • A single observer seat on the Executive Committee, rotated between any/all recognised caucuses annually.
  • Appropriate access to the party database with the ability to email their members on the last Saturday of every month, or at an agreed alternative when necessary.
  • One dedicated Women’s Equality Party email address including drive storage and access.
  • A dedicated webpage on the party’s website and the ability to upload events to the events page.
  • New party members will be invited to opt-in to join caucuses as part of the joining process, and existing party members will be invited to join newly recognised caucuses.
  • Caucuses will be able to submit motions, and amendments to motions, at conference.
  • Caucuses will have the right to organise a session at conference, in agreement with the agenda committee.
  • Opportunities to feed into various party functions and processes including, but not limited to, policy development and manifestos, the agenda committee, public statements, campaigns and media, the democracy commission.
  • Central support from the party on use of its database and other infrastructure.
  • Access to some of the party’s insurances.

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