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Childcare Costs - Your Story

Childcare Costs - Your Story

As the cost of living crisis hits families up and down the country, we want to turn our attention to childcare. 

In recent reports, childcare costs in the UK are among the most expensive in the world. The spiralling costs of childcare, long waiting lists, nursery closures due to staffing problems and a cost living crisis are creating the perfect storm that is pushing parents out of the workplace and into poverty.

The current system is not working for anyone, not women, not men, not children, and not childcare workers either.

So... why is this not headline news with a coordinated government response?!

While WE watch childcare in the UK teeter on the brink of crisis our political leader’s are ignoring the transformation that good, accessible childcare could bring to our economy and the impact it would have on equality.

It is no hidden secret that childcare directly impacts women's jobs, the gender pay gap, the cost of living crisis, and gender-equal roles inside and outside the home. It is a sector that is relied on by the vast majority of the country, yet severely underfunded and struggling to survive. 

We want to change this.

Let us know your experience with childcare costs, provision or working in the sector, so that we can develop our campaigns to demand better for parents everywhere.


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