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Christine Dean

Christine Dean

I am a former dual-qualified lawyer with over 25 years of practical legal experience. I have worked extensively in the area of child social care and child protection. I have advised on domestic violence and other related social issues. 

I believe equal access to representation has a direct impact on women's ability to protect and care for their children.  Despite a recent change of career, I have remained passionate about providing strong advocacy for women on women’s issues.

I am a wife, mother of two and a caregiver.  My mother, one of the strongest women I know, has taught me the value of independent thought, drive, and tenacity.

I joined WEP in order to raise awareness of the inequalities that still exist in the UK.  I want to effect meaningful change through policies that impact women's daily lives.  As a WEP 2020 candidate I would actively promote and spread the WEP message of achieving equality for women. 

To visit Christine Dean's fundraising page click here.

Instagram: WEPChristine

Twitter: @legaleagle24


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