Policy Committee Elections - Women's Equality

Policy Committee Elections

Policy Committee Elections

What is the Policy Committee? 

The Policy Committee is made of the spokesperson and movement builder for each of our six policy areas, plus Scotland. Policy on our seventh area, equal health care, is being developed by a sub-committee working with the Party Leader and Chief of Staff.

What does a policy spokesperson do?

Working with the Party Leader and central staff, as well the movement builder in their area, spokespeople spread our Party’s policies and aims as far and wide as possible through media engagement, events, branches and networks. They take a lead on the policy area they represent, always looking for opportunities for engagement and keeping abreast of political and sector developments in their area.  

What does a policy movement builder do?

Working with the Party Leader and central staff, as well the spokesperson in their policy area, movement builders focus on developing the relationships and networks with individuals and organisations working in their policy area, to build support and momentum for our work. From small grass roots organisations to national bodies, and including our branches and members with an interest in the policy area, this role is to connect and inspire people with our policies and related campaigns.

Please note: the deadline for applications for policy committee roles has now passed


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