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NOTICES OF ELECTION: Policy Representatives and Steering Committee

The Steering Committee gives notice that it will hold elections for four Policy Representatives and one Steering Committee member of the Women’s Equality Party.

The ballot will be held at conference on 4th November 2023. The elections will be overseen by Chief Returning Officer, Alison Smith.

Do you care passionately about one of our core policy areas? Do you love talking about our party and working with others to develop ground-breaking feminist policies? Are you excited by the idea of steering the party in new and exciting directions?

👉 WE need you to contest these elections! 👈

✋ Put yourself forward for election as a Policy Representative. You can put your passion into action and work with our Party Leader, the central office team and our members to help the party create ground-breaking, change-making policies. 

✋ Contest the election to become a member of the party's Steering Committee. Join the group of brilliant members driving our strategy and direction between party conferences.

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Procedure document for Policy Representatives >>

Procedure document for Steering Committee >>

What does a Policy Representative do?

It has never been more important that our party leads the way in reimagining politics with innovative policy that meets the moment. Our Policy Representatives work as a team  to brainstorm and amplify our extraordinary policies far and wide. They also work across the party with the central office team, branches, caucuses, and the Steering Committee to create policy that leaves no woman behind. 

The Policy Representatives team organises two online policy forums for members each year to support the development of party policy and helps to continue policy work between meeting and conferences. 

As a collective, the Policy Representatives support the Leader of the Party’s strategic vision by providing advice and guidance on policy. 

What's needed for this role?

  • An understanding the party’s mission, policies and objectives

  • An active party membership

  • An eagerness to stay up to date with policy developments 

  • Excitement about the opportunity to work with other Policy Representatives

  • A keen mind for the intricate details of policy

What does a Steering Committee member do? 

The Steering Committee is the Party’s central decision-making body outside of Party conferences. It steers the direction of the Party by agreeing strategy, planning ahead and reacting to internal and external factors. It monitors the Party’s activities and outcomes against its mission, aims and objectives, and makes sure the Party’s activities are within the budget it sets and approves each year. It is also the body with the sole discretion to decide when and where WE stand candidates in elections.

As a member of the Steering Committee you would be working with other members on the committee to ensure that the big strategic decisions have been made and that you are steering the party in the right direction. 

What's needed for this role?

  • An understanding the party’s mission, policies and objectives

  • An active party membership

  • A passion for sharing your ideas as well as listening to others and working as a team to find solutions

  • A skill for analysis, and care when assessing risks and someone who can think strategically

  • A commitment to steering and growing our movement of political activists, and to making it diverse and representative of all women

How do I put myself forward?

When nominations open on Friday 1st September at 9:00am you can submit your nomination to the returning officer on [email protected].

Make sure you have read through the full procedure documentation, then send us a short statement, a photo and video making your case for why members should vote for you!

Procedure document for Policy Representatives >>

Procedure document for Steering Committee >>

You might want to refer to your personal connection to and passion for women’s equality and the particular policy areas you’re interested in or your ideas on strategising; experience of public speaking, building relationships to effect change, monitoring policy developments, an understanding of our policy areas, an understanding of how our party works, providing briefings or supporting campaigns, for example. 

Make sure you include which role you are nominating yourself for in your email!


1. A photo 

2. A film 

3. A short statement 

4. Your social media handles (if you wish to use these to support your campaign)

And then... send them to [email protected]

The Returning Officer(s) will check that your submissions meet the specified requirements and will confirm receipt of your submission. 

Nominations will open  at 9:00am, Friday 1st September.

The deadline for submitting your nomination is  5:00pm, Saturday 30th September

What is the process of election?

All member delegates at conference will have the opportunity to vote electronically for these roles on 4th November. The successful candidates will be elected by a simple majority.                   

The photos, videos and statements of all validly nominated candidates will be made available to members on Thursday 5th October.


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