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Women’s Equality Party Conference 2023

Party Business 

Conference is where you shape the future of your party.

Conference is the supreme governing body of the party, and is responsible for policy-making and decision-making. This is where we debate and vote on party policies, and vote on any changes or additions to the way the party operates.

The Standing Orders are the rules that govern business proceedings during conference, and they will be published nearer to the time. But before we get down to debating and voting at conference, party members get the chance to submit motions for debate at conference.



Party members have the opportunity to propose a motion(s) with their branch/caucus or with the support of 19 other members. Once motions are published, all members will then be given the chance to submit amendments to the motions.

Whether or not you submit a motion, you can take part in the process at conference through debating the motion and voting.

For this reason, all delegates should read through motions in advance of the conference. Motions and amendments will be published following the deadlines for submission and linked to on this page.

More information about party business including the full timeline, guidelines and submission forms, and motions FAQs to find out more about submitting motions and how party business will work.



Debates are used to discuss and deliberate on the motions proposed by members. All motions to be debated will be announced and published in advance of the conference, except for any emergency motions which are brought during conference.

Even if you have not proposed a motion, take an active role by debating the motion and using your vote to decide whether it should become party policy, or change the way we run our party.

Read all about what happens at conference, how to take part in debating and voting on motions and how party business works.



As  part of the 2023 conference we will be electing four Policy Representatives and there will be elections to the Steering Committee.

WE are looking for brilliant convenors with a passion for policy to become our Policy Representatives. Successful candidates will develop party policy between conferences and convene meetings with members and supporters to develop the ideas of our movement. WE are looking for passionate and committed Party members to join our Steering Committee - the party’s strategic decision-making body in between conferences. Those successfully elected to the committee will help to steer the party through its next phase and increase our strategic influence in our core policy areas.

Ahead of conference the Chief Returning Officer will publish the notice of election, guidance for the election period and members will be invited to put themselves forward as a candidate. The election will be announced to members, so look out for an email coming soon.

The ballot will be open at conference and there will also be opportunities for delegates to meet and talk to candidates.



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