Conference 2018 Motion Outcomes

Conference 2018 Motion Outcomes

Conference 2018 Motion Outcomes

Party Business 2018 - Outcomes 


Following party motion debates and voting at our 2018 conference, each motion has now been updated below with the results as to whether they passed, fell or were referred back. You can download each motion below or you can download all motions in one document. For the rules that governed the proceedings of our party conference please review the Standing Orders


Steering Committee reports

  • Steering Committee report

  • Finance report

  • Appeals Body report

  • Announcement of random selections to Steering Committee

Outcome: All approved

Business motions - internal structures and processes

Special debates at conference (emergency motion)

Sophie Walker, Leader

Outcome: Passed


Governance review: Steering Committee (emergency motion)

Chris Paouros, Executive Committee

Outcome: Passed


Branch representation in decision making

Emma Ko, Camden branch

Outcome: Fell 

Amendment A: Clarifying eligibility for hub coordinator and data manager roles 

David Renton, Edinburgh branch

Outcome: N/A - motion fell


Governance review:

Edited constitution with changes as proposed by this motion

Chris Paouros, Executive Committee

Outcome: Separate vote on lines 46-52, which fell

Remaining motion content passed.


Motion for Conference to approve the appointment of five Steering Committee members, and the reappointment of two members of the Appeals Body

Sophie Walker, Steering Committee

Outcome: Passed


Policy development

A feminist foreign policy

Sophie Walker, Leader

Outcome: Passed


To create a WE working group on technology and innovation in support of our core objectives and for a truly transformational politics

Athena Stevens, Steering Committee

Outcome: Passed


Explicit inclusion of video games in WE Policy on Equality in the Media

Caroline Hunt, Pamela Ritchie

Outcome: Passed


Health and social care

A motion to protect the long-term sustainability of the NHS

Sophie Walker, Leader

Outcome: Passed


A policy on health and social care

Athena Stevens, Steering Committee 

Access the proposed Equality in Health policies >>  

Outcome: Passed


Encouraging government to give women equal access to sterilisation as a permanent form of contraception

Abi Pattenden, Hove and Portslade branch

Outcome: Passed


Equalities legislation

Making equal pay and equal caregiving a reality in the modern labour market

Eleanor Hemmens, Harini Iyengar, Policy Committee

Outcome: Passed


Update the Equality Act to include socio-economic status as a protected characteristic

Sellisha Lockyer

Outcome: Referred Back to the Policy Committee to develop


Gender Recognition Act 2004

Amy Killen, Chris Paouros

Outcome: Referred Back to Policy and Data Committees for consultation of members

Amendment A: Maintaining the protections of the Equality Act 2010

Magda Devas

Outcome: N/A - motion referred back


Equal Parenting and caregiving

Ratification of manifesto policies:

Universal free childcare

Margaret Kerbey, Policy Committee

Outcome: Passed


Nine months shared parental leave on 90% of pay

Dianna Moylan, Policy Committee

Outcome: Passed


Writing off historic child support arrears

Joanna Archer, Bath branch

Outcome: Passed


Brexit and Migration

A Women's Equality Party policy on Brexit

Bea Gare, Steering Committee

Outcome: Passed

Amendment A: Deletion of lines 19 – 21 inc.

Jill Lorimer, Richmond branch

Outcome: Passed

Amendment B: To ensure that the proposed People’s Vote...includes the Option to Remain

Sarah Dodgson

Outcome: Passed


Ensuring that settled status will take into account women’s, children’s and vulnerable groups’ needs

Guilene Gaspais, Islington branch

Outcome: Passed


Protecting migrant domestic workers against abuse and servitude

Guilene Gaspais, Islington branch

Outcome: Passed


Ending Violence Against Women   

Abolish the single payment system of Universal Credit

Emma Hopkins Jones, York branch

Outcome: Passed


Delivering nil cap limit on local authorities’ sexual entertainment venues Policies

Charlotte Mead, Sheffield branch

Outcome: Passed


Affordable housing

Housing motion (amended)

Pamela Ritchie, Virginie Bellaton

Outcome: Passed


Equal Education

Provision for Parental-Engagement Programmes in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Leah Jewett, Camden branch

Outcome: N/A - Referred Back to Policy Committee

Amendment A: Ensuring that parents perceive involvement in sex and relationship education as an opportunity rather than a chore

Rufus Duits, Steering Committee

Outcome: Passed


From STEM to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Maths)

Rebecca Manson Jones, Athena Stevens

Outcome: Passed



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