Conference 2016 appointments - Women's Equality

Conference 2016 appointments

Conference 2016 appointments

The Women's Equality Party conference 2016 voted in the following appointments:


Steering Committee

1. Stella Duffy

2. Chris Paouros

3. Ali Smith

4. Bea Gare

5. Rufus Duits


Policy Committee

Equal Representation Spokesperson

Harini Iyengar

Equal Representation Movement Builder

Eleanor Hemmens

Equal Pay Spokesperson

Alison Marshall

Equal Pay Movement Builder

Kate Pruce

Equal Parenting and Caregiving Spokesperson

Margaret Kerbey

Equal Parenting and Caregiving Movement Builder

Shazia Mustafa

Equal Education Spokesperson

Dianna Moylan

Equal Education Movement Builder

Frances Sussex

Equal Treatment by the Media Spokesperson

Athena Stevens

Equal Treatment by the Media Movement Builder

Abigail Thomas

Ending Violence Against Women Spokesperson

Heather Brunskill-Evans

Ending Violence Against Women Movement Builder

Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan

Scotland Spokesperson

Kirstein Rummery

Scotland Movement Builder

Amy Marshall




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