Deborah Granville

I am a Londoner born and bred, now living in East Finchley, and passionate about what I consider to be best city in the world, but it could be so much better for women. My children were born and educated here, and my father lived in sheltered accommodation in Barnet. I have tramped the streets of Haringey delivering leaflets and have been a reporter on Crouch End Radio. I have worked in the charity sector for over fifteen years, raising millions of pounds for causes as diverse as cancer and human rights. I’ve been a trustee of a homelessness charity and worked for an organisation supporting low income parents facing discrimination at work. I understand the huge challenges faced by women in London, with government cuts biting into services which were supposed to support them.

I am passionate about equal treatment for women and girls in education and in the workplace, and believe that equal parenting and caregiving are vital to enable women to fulfil their potential. I would tackle these issues by:

1. Encouraging all schools in London to provide pre and after school clubs so that parents can seek or stay in full time work without having to find expensive childcare.

2. Provision of compulsory age-appropriate relationships education in schools.

3. Encouraging quotas for women in executive roles for companies based in London.

I am so excited about the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of women in London, and believe that WE can win!


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