Because Things need to Change - No More Masters of the Universe! - Diane Hollander's suggestion

Because Things need to Change - No More Masters of the Universe!

Because Things need to Change - No More Masters of the Universe!

All my working life I've seen women propping up men in the workplace. Offering up initiatives the men then take the credit for, together with the promotion AND the accompanying pay scale. They come into the workplace green as grass, they pick your brains and then suddenly they're listened to whilst you were never taken seriously. If there's a job going previously occupied by a male, and you're up for the position - they will offer it to you, of course, because you have the expertise and they need that - but the 'title' of the job will be changed, i.e. executive instead of manager, and the pay scale, of course, will be much lower! Then there's the 'old boy network' which I've had to put up with for years, along with all the condescension which goes along with it. Masters of the Universe, and capable of not much really. Thankfully this breed is dying out, but not fast enough for me. I'm not anti-men, not by a long shot. Just pro-justice. Fairness for every segment of our society has been addressed by the PC brigade but the women's cause is still bottom of the priority list, not taken seriously. After all, we've let it go on this long haven't we? The gals are still the ones sat at the front desk while the guys are, on the whole, the most likely to get the seat at the big desk.... Let's stop being emotional about this and get the laws tightened over women's employment rights, once and for all!

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