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Disability Caucus

Disability Caucus

Meet the Disability Caucus at Conference! 

WE will be hosting our own fringe event on Thursday 15th October at 2:30pm:

I’M NOT BROKEN, SOCIETY IS: An introduction to the Social Model of Disability, and Intersectional Discrimination. Presented by Hannah Barham-Brown and Sarabajaya Kumar, hosted by the Disability Caucus. WE really hope you can attend as a great introduction to who we are, and why we have set up this group

The Social Model

Statistics on Representation

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Many disabled people are feeling particularly vulnerable right now.

As the Coronavirus lockdown measures ease, and local lockdowns are implemented, there has been very little mention of the next steps for people who have been “shielding”. This won't have come as a surprise to many disabled people who have long been marginalised and ignored by governments and society.

But as members of the Women's Equality Party we have hope that we won't be forgotten. WE fight for the furthest first, because WE know that a society that values people equally is better for everyone.

Which is why we have launched a Women's Equality Party Disability Caucus!


The Disability Caucus has been set up by a small group of disabled party members who see a need for greater disability representation in our party. It will exist to champion the needs of those members both within the party and beyond.

The caucus will be an inclusive space for any party member who self-identifies as disabled or has a long term health condition. No one will be required to disclose the nature of their disability, though they may choose to. We hope to make it accessible to all. Please let us know using the sign up form above if there are any adaptations we can make, to ensure the caucus is accessible to you.

Our objectives will be shaped by our members, so we want to hear from you! What issues most affect you as a disabled person? We are looking forward to hearing your ideas at the meeting!

We hope to make the meeting accessible to all. If you require any adaptations to make this Zoom meeting accessible to you, please let us know via the RSVP form (link above). If you want to listen to the meeting but prefer not to contribute, you are still welcome.

If you do not have a disability or long term health condition then you can still support the caucus by signing up to be an ally. 

Become a Disability Caucus Ally 


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