Doing it right: positive representations of women - Women's Equality 2015

Doing it right: positive representations of women

Doing it right: positive representations of women

It isn’t all bad news when you look at the media. There are TV shows, channels, magazines and papers which do a brilliant job at portraying women in a positive, realistic light. 

And there are advertisers who go out of their way to celebrate people of all genders, in all their diversity, to promote their products, instead of reaching for the easy, sexualised hard sell.

WE don’t want to just complain about the bad. WE want to celebrate the good.

So every year – starting in Spring 2016 – WE will run an awards scheme for the best representations of women and men that challenge stereotypes and champion change.

And if we see something brilliant in the meantime, WE won’t by shy – WE’ll shout about it.

Nominations are open now – so post your ideas below or email us [evidence@]


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