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Help our Campaign!

Help our Campaign!

We are asking for donations.  If you are happy to give one without being convinced then brilliant!  As long as you are a registered UK voter then click here to donate and make sure you provide your address. 

If however you need a little more convincing let me tell you why we need your donations. 

One of the biggest challenges new parties like the Women’s Equality Party face is letting voters know we exist. Political coverage on television is based on previous vote share so the status quo is heavily maintained. Even when we can get coverage in print media, its reach is heavily limited.

Running for council is not the most expensive part of politics in the UK but it still costs.  Headingley and Hyde Park has over 19,000 voters making it almost as large as a small parliamentary constituency. 

£150 would buy us 5000 leaflets.  Leafleting is the most direct way we can communicate with our voters.  If only three people could donate £50 then we would be well on our way to having our next batch of leaflets funded.

However, many voters live in blocks that are not accessible, particularly students in halls of residence.  We can communicate with them through targeted social media advertising for as little as £10.  Even a small donation can help us bring the message of gender equality to the people who need to hear it.

WEP Membership fees go towards brilliant parts of this party, such as our dedicated staff in central office, and providing childcare support for our general election candidates, but our local branches still need donations to put forward candidates in local elections.

If you wish to donate you must be eligible – political parties can only accept donations from individuals on the electoral roll in the UK.  Any donations from individuals who are not on the electoral roll must be returned.

Whatever you can give to help us get Louise elected in Headingley & Hyde Park will make a difference to all of Leeds.. 

Click here to donate

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