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End trafficking and sexual exploitation

End trafficking and sexual exploitation

Women who sell sex are vulnerable to violent crimes, including assault, rape and murder, as well as sexually transmitted diseases which may pose a risk to their lives. They can often find it hard to access sexual health services, too, when they need them. 

The current laws do not work. There has been an increase in sex trafficking and many women are forced into situations comparable to slavery. The sex industry is closely associated with organised crime, poverty, drugs, sexual violence and child abuse. 

WE believe that the best way forward is to make it illegal to buy sex, and provide safe routes out of the sex trade for all those currently selling sex. WE will make the case for a managed process to end demand for the sex trade in the UK, by legislation that first establishes and funds necessary support and exiting services and then moves on to criminalise the purchase of sex after one to two years to remove the demand. 

However, WE also recognise that this issue divides individuals, organisations and political parties across the UK and understand that some of our members would prefer an approach that decriminalised and regulated the sex trade.

In addition:

  • WE demand an end to the abuse of women and girls through the sex industry and promote women’s right to safety, health and non-discrimination.
  • WE will change the law with immediate effect so that women never risk being prosecuted for selling sex. 
  • WE want to see funded support for victims of the sex industry – including a legal right for trafficked women to remain in the UK.

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