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Ending Violence Against Women

Ending Violence Against Women

From street harassment to rape and domestic violence, rates of male violence against women and girls are on the rise. Eighty-five per cent of young women experience harassment on our streets. Women are still being made homeless while abusive ex-partners continue living in the family home. BME women, disabled women, and women with uncertain immigration status are more likely to experience violence and are also exposed to different forms of it, including female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, and domestic abuse. London is also a destination for sex trafficking, which involves some of the most brutal human rights violations of our times.

Last year 5,500 rapes and over 146,000 incidents of domestic violence were recorded in London. WE will put prevention, protection, provision and justice at the heart of all our policies and not rest until violence against women and girls has been eliminated.

  • Teach the next generation to respect and protect one another
  • Tackle violence
  • Support specialist services
  • Improve sexual health
  • Make refuge accessible
  • Modernise policing
  • Improve response to sexual violence
  • Combat domestic violence
  • Combat FGM and forced marriage
  • Fund holistic support services
  • Raise awareness

Read more and see full details in our London Manifesto.


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