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Valuing Care

Valuing Care

Nothing is a bigger barrier to women’s employment than unaffordable childcare. The chronic recruitment crisis in care for older people is further curtailing women’s employment opportunities. WE will work towards a system of childcare for all children from the end of paid parental leave at nine months and draw up a pan-London approach to meet the demand for care for older and disabled people. WE value carers for their contribution to London’s society and economy.

WE believe this is the ‘big issue’ for anyone serious about improving the lives of Londoners. The next Mayor of London cannot afford to overlook the caring crisis that is driving families into poverty, or the opportunities that a better work-life balance can bring to our city. WE will lead the way in building a world-class Caring Economy.

WE will:

  • Close the care gap
  • Make childcare flexible
  • Put public land to good use
  • Connect parents and providers
  • Offer a London Baby Box
  • Convene a commission on care
  • Expect a living wage for carers
  • Increase rights at work
  • Create a London Carers’ Forum

Read more and see full details in our London Manifesto.



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