Equality is better for everybody. - Jenny Smith's suggestion

Equality is better for everybody.

Equality is better for everybody.

I had lived a very sheltered life up until I reached university. I felt like I hadn't encountered sexism and I could do whatever I want. Unfortunately, I was wrong. At uni I started to understand how ignorant I was: there is an all-males sports social club at my university which is held in huge regard. It offers scholarships, internships and most importantly a tight old-boys network with incredible opportunities left, right and center. In my first year there was a vote to allow women into the club as members - before that female sports teams were only allowed in the club house (recently refurbished for £2million) if escorted by a male member. There was not a large enough majority to change the constitution. Those who voted were current members, our 'friends' and assumed equals had voted not to allow women into their club. Although this is just one club and one example and it feels petty to be arguing about, it represents a much larger issue. Sexism. It has opened my eyes to the inequalities and what's worse is the inequality disadvantages everyone. We as women can't take advantage of the opportunities the old-boys network would give us and the men no longer have any women to socialize with in their club - funnily enough no women want to enter the club house anymore, and surprise surprise, without women, the men don't find it fun either!

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