Equality for women in selection and promotion at work - Women's Equality

Equality for women in selection and promotion at work

Equality for women in selection and promotion at work

The Women’s Equality Party reaffirms its commitment to ensure women enjoy equal opportunities to employment as well as to promotions and appointments at all levels, in both the public and the private sector.

WE call upon all governments, parliaments, assemblies and local authorities in the UK to develop a holistic approach in collaboration with businesses, unions, employers, academia and charities to end the inequality at work. The holistic approach should include:

1. Bias-blind recruiting to ensure that companies assess candidates prior to interview without knowledge of their sex or age.

2. Holding employers to account on their recruiting policies as well as their promotion policies. This should be subject to corporate governance and made a compulsory part of corporate social responsibility reporting for annual reports to track progress.

3. Unfettered access to legal and procedural redress for women who have been subject to unfair policy – either in a single or repeated instance.

4. The end of discrimination against the promotion of part-time workers, by increased enforcement of existing UK law which already prohibit such discrimination, and monitoring of outcomes for part-time workers.

5. Building a culture that assesses people on their skills, capabilities, ability to do the job and commitment to the role, not on the basis of a ‘chum’ or ‘jobs for the boys’ culture.

Valuing women’s contribution in the workplace so that their ideas and achievements are correctly attributed to them and acknowledged and rewarded by employers.


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