Support our candidates in Europe - Women's Equality

Support our candidates in Europe

Support our candidates in Europe

Invest in equality - donate today.

Thank you for supporting our campaign to take the Women’s Equality Party to the European Parliament.

Your donation will help us to reach every household in London with targeted social media ads, billboard campaigns, awareness-raising events and campaign leaflets. This is essential for parties at the beginning of their journey like ours, because broadcasting guidelines mean that parties without elected representatives are in theory largely excluded in the name of fairness. (you may have noticed that these guidelines are also not fairly applied.) This means we need your help to reach voters in other ways.  

Please give what you can to ensure Catherine Mayer and our other seven brilliant WE candidates can unite with other UK and European parties to advance and reform from within the EU.

Every donation, however small or large, serves to amplify women’s voices and lift women right across the European Union.

£10 pays for the delivery of leaflets to one street 

£20 pays for a WE street stall

£50 supports a canvassing team throughout the campaign  

£100 covers the cost of a candidate’s childcare for a week of the campaign

£250 pays for the design and printing of 7,000 leaflets

✔  £1,000 funds targeted social media ads to key supporter groups

If 2,500 members and supporters donate £20 each, WE can do this!

Thank you for your support.  We can do so much more because of you. 

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GOAL HIT: £40,000.00


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