Hands off our reproductive rights

Twenty five right wing men who will never experience pregnancy just banned abortion in Alabama.  Yet more evidence that hard-won women’s rights are under attack everywhere. WE stand in solidarity with women in Alabama and globally against this horrific curtailment of women’s reproductive rights. Regressive populists are on the march across Europe and the world and their first target is always women and minorities. It is time to take a stand.  

As Europe prepares to vote, sign this petition to demand that the EU guarantees women’s rights to free, safe and legal abortions.

The rise of far-right parties across Europe has seen reproductive rights threatened in Italy and Austria, and the Polish Government pushing to tighten its already restrictive laws. While women in Malta, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland are denied this basic human right altogether.

Women in Northern Ireland are only entitled to an abortion if their lives are deemed to be at risk. This restriction has been condemned by the UN, but so far to no avail.    

The Alabama state senate filled with Republican white men who will never experience pregnancy in their lifetimes, just passed the most restrictive abortion law of all the states in the US, with doctors facing prison sentences of between 10 and 99 years if the law banning the procedure is passed by the state senator. The situation is even worse for Northern Irish women, who themselves risk imprisonment for having an abortion.

Just as the global #metoo movement showed the strength of solidarity between women across national borders, we must stand together against these moves to curtail women’s reproductive rights and to keep pushing for full decriminalisation of abortion everywhere.

Sign our petition to the EU to demand it guarantees women’s rights to free, legal and safe abortions.


Working with feminist parties across the EU, WE are standing in the European elections to put women’s rights at the heart of the European project. We are demanding that any country that wants to join the EU should be required to provide free, safe and legal abortions, and that women should always be free to move across EU borders to access legal abortions.

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