Why should I come to conference?

There are so many reasons! Read more here >>

When and where is Women's Equality Party Conference 2016?

The first ever Women's Equality Party Conference will take place from 4:30pm on Friday 25th to 4:30pm Sunday 27th November, at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester

Can I come?

All Women's Equality Party members are invited to join us at conference - conference is all about you! Non-members are also welcome to attend as observers. Book your ticket for conference online by clicking here >> 

Can I see what's on at conference?

The conference programme (subject to changes) is online here and is packed full of engaging workshops, important party business and key note speeches. 

What are the rules on donating to political parties?

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference please get in touch here. To make a donation of over £500 to a political party, you must be on a UK electoral register. If you would like to help someone else attend conference, the dedicated conference access fund is accepting donations. 

I've completed my registration form for conference, what happens next?

Once you've registered your place at conference, you'll receive a confirmation email and be invited to complete a participant survey. Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be sending you updates and important information about attending conference, what you need to think about in advance and what will happen during the conference weekend. Make sure you book any accommodation or travel you need in advance, before all the hotels are fully booked. When you arrive at conference, you will need to head for the registration desk where you pick-up your conference pack.

What happens at Party Conference?

At Party Conference WE will:

  • Discuss and approve the WE Constitution

  • Improve and endorse the WE Policy Document

  • Select a Policy Committee and explore how WE want to make policy decisions

  • Experiment with innovative ways of reaching a conclusion in a political debate

  • Discuss and decide on motions

  • Select representatives for the Steering Committee, which will hold the decision- making power between Party Conferences

  • Select representatives for the Policy Committee, which will execute the party’s policies between Party Conferences and make new policy proposals.

Party conference will also offer workshops and training and you will have the chance to meet other WE members and supporters from all across the UK.

What is my role as a delegate?

As a delegate you have the right to participate in Party Conference debates, to vote on policy motions, to elect the members of the Policy Committee and representatives to sit on the Steering Committee. You have the responsibility to be present during party business sessions and to ensure the party is operating in line with its core values and policies.

You also have the right, in collaboration with your branch or other WE members, to put forward motions, amendments to motions and ideas for policy discussions.

There will be an introductory session at Party Conference on Standing Orders, which direct the form of the debates.

How can I actively participate in Party Conference?

WE Voices

On Friday night there will be an ‘open mic’ session where members can come up and give three-minute speeches about a topic of their own choice. This is a great opportunity to address issues you feel strongly about. You can sign up for that before the start of the session.

Stand for a position

Subject to approval of the WE draft Constitution by Party Conference, the Conference will elect five representatives to the Steering Committee and 14 people to take a seat on the Policy Committee. Find out more details here and make sure you inform us at the latest by 1 October if you are standing for any of these positions.

Participate in debates

Topical discussion debates will take place on the Saturday and will result in non-binding votes or decisions. Participate in the debates to prepare yourself for Party Business discussions on policies, the WE draft Constitution and motions, which will take place on the Sunday.

Put forward motions

Collaborate with other members or with your local branch to put forward a motion to discuss at Party Conference.

Put forward suggestions for topical discussions

A part of conference will be debating seminars where we will use different debating methods on topics of our choice. In collaboration with your branch or with other WE members, put forward a suggestion for a topical discussion.

Join workshops and get togethers

Join the conference workshops to meet with other WE members and learn something new.

Make sure you attend the Conference Opening and the Saturday night party to get the most out of your stay in Manchester!

Make up for what’s missing

Do you think the Women’s Equality Party is not addressing important issues? Join an open space session facilitated by Stella Duffy to discuss that and more.

What is a motion?

A motion is a proposal for discussion and possible adoption as a resolution. Read more about how to put forward motions in the guide to conference here >>

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We're looking forward to meeting you in November!



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