Women's equality is hundreds of years overdue. - Margaret Nelson's suggestion

Women's equality is hundreds of years overdue.

Women's equality is hundreds of years overdue.

I'm 71 and I think I probably first identified myself as a feminist in my early teens, when I realised that all I was expected to do was to get married and have children. I've replaced men in several jobs, including farm work and banking, and been paid much less than the men who were sacked. I've been sexually assaulted - when I went to court the magistrates bound me over to keep the peace and fined my attacker less than a local poacher was fined for stealing a pheasant. When I had an interior decorating business, a male client ignored me and addressed all his questions to my male employee, who replied "You'll have to ask the boss." "Where is he then?" the client asked. "She's here," said my employee, pointing at me. As a supply teacher I was patronised by a 13-year-old boy in a woodwork class, who refused to accept what I told him, saying "Women can't do woodwork." And so on... Altogether, I've been pretty pissed off about inequality.

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